G2 Dynamics Genesys G65MB 6.5" Mid-Bass Drivers (Pair)

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  • G2 Dynamics Genesys G65MB 6.5" Mid-Bass Drivers (Pair)
  • G2 Dynamics Genesys G65MB 6.5" Mid-Bass Drivers (Pair)
  • G2 Dynamics Genesys G65MB 6.5" Mid-Bass Drivers (Pair)
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Genesys G65MB 6.5" Mid-Bass Driver (Pair)

Enjoy pounding mid-bass response from your install with the all new Genesys 6.5" Mid-Bass Drivers from G2 Dynamics!  All too many times customers are inundated with TONS of different styles of pro audio drivers, and often it is hard to determine which one is suited best for their needs.  Thankfully, G2 Dynamics has introduced the Genesys 6.5" Mid-Bass, the purpose is right there in the name.  A true mid-bass driver offers a wide array of vocal playback without forgetting how important those lower range notes are to the listener.  Many audio systems clearly have the sub-bass game on lockdown, but typically there is always some sort of gap of playability between vocals and sub-bass response.  This is where the G65MB drivers shine.  When properly installed, the Genesys Mid-Bass Drivers offer a profound amplitude in low range vocals and other accompanying low notes that usually get left behind by many other mid-RANGE drivers disguised as mid-BASS drivers.  Bring your sound stage back to life by filling in those low end voids with forceful and ever present mid-bass punchiness your audio system is lacking!  G2 Dynamics proudly offers you the Genesys Series of Mid-Bass speakers, where recovery begins!


Re:  3.95 Ω   

Fs:  101 Hz   

Sd:  13.685   

Bl:  7.065 T   

Qms:  2.093   

Qes:  0.63   

Qts:  0.484   

SPL:  95.1 db   

Vas:  4.365 L   

Cms:  164.15 m   

Mms:  10.199 g       

Range:   70Hz - 12kHz   

RMS:  150 W   

Impedance:  4 Ohms   

Cone:  Paper   

Surround:  Coated Cloth   

Magnet Type:  Strontium Ferrite   

Terminal Style:  Direct Leads   

Frame:  Stamped Steel   

Voice Coil:  1.75" CCA       

Outer Diameter:  6.85"

Cutout Diameter:  5.9"

Mounting   Depth:  3.1"

Overall Depth:  3.39"

Motor Width:  5.47"

Motor Height:  1.2"

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